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Kuala Selangor is located at the main seawater fishery area on the west coast of Pemisalar Malaysia. This fisheries area starting from Pantai Remis Perak, Lumut, Pulau Pangkor, Sungai Besar,  Sekinchan, Tanjung Karang to Kuala Selangor, then to Pulau Pangkor. Seafood is the main food for local people due to the rapid development of the fishery industry. Seawater fish, crab, shrimp and selfish could be found easily, and the price is reasonable. "Eating seafood" is one important part of the activities of the visitors come to Kuala Selangor. Seafood restaurants are located everywhere.

The popular seafood in seafood restaurant Kuala Selangor is crab, prawn, clams, squid and fish with various style cooking method, especially the Chinese cooking style. 

We are able to get a lot of Chinese Seafood Restaurant, and Malay Seafood Restaurant around Kuala Selangor. Chinese seafood restaurant popular with steam, stir-fried, sweet-sour, spicy and salted cooking method. The Malay seafood restaurant is popular with grilled and spicy soup. 

Besides seafood, Kuala Selangor is popular with Cendol, Soto Soup and Nasi Ambeng, 

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