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Bukit Melawati Kuala Selangor

Bukit Melawati at Kuala Selangor was the administrative center and stronghold of the Selangor Sultanate in the late 18th and early 19th century. A heavily fortified fort once stood on the summit. It was built during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim from 1782 to 1826 to fight against the Dutch. The fort fell to the Dutch in 1784, renamed it "Altingsburd Fort" after Dutch governor-general. In Bukit Melawati are found relics of the past, including the protective walls of the fort, the palace ground, a lighthouse, royal graves, seven walls, a flat stone used for beheading offenders, a 100-step ladder, a poisonous well and several cannons pointed at the moth of the Selangor River. Bukit Melawati was designated a historical monument and historical site under Antiquities Act 1976 in 1977.

Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Kuala Selangor Nature Park (or called us Taman Alam in Malay) is a sanctuary for many different types of flora and fauna. Kuala Selangor Nature Park (Taman Alam) is located at the mouth of Selangor River (Sungai Selangor). The lake in the Kuala Selangor Nature Park is manmade, and is controlled via sluice gates. The Kuala Selangor Nature Park is the home of mundflats and mangroves(spans up to 800 acres!). Wildlife such as otters, mudskippers, silvered leaf monkey, leopard cat, king crabs and 156 species of birds can be spotted in the park.

Sky Mirror

Photo from Facebook of Sky Mirror Tour

Sky Mirror or known as “Mirror of the Sky “, Sky Mirror as the shallow waters of this “Secret Island” reflects the sky in all its going, thus creating many unique photography opportunities.The Island makes a perfect travel destination for your holiday, it is also a habitat for many marine agriculture. The most common are the sea and baby clam scattered abundantly in the sand.

Sky Mirror is also home to a multitude marine life besides sand dollars, the most common are the sea clams and baby clams which scattered abundantly in the sand. Though tiny, you will definitely fall in love with million of baby clams that glitter like diamonds under the sun. Other interesting marine organisms found are sea anemones, shore crabs, red crabs, soldier crabs, bamboo clams. sea grapes, bailer shell, sea snails, and a variety of shells.

Firefly (Kelip-Kelip) Kuala Selangor

Kuala Selangor is popular for the great attraction alongside the Selangor River (Sungai Selangor) that runs through Kuala Selangor. You can spot the famous fireflies (Kelip-Kelip in Bahasa Melayu) during evenings/nights along Selangor River. The fireflies (kelip-kelip) all are found on the mangrove tree species called berembang. It is said that this is one of the biggest firefly colonies in the world.

Firefly or lightning bugs for their conspicuous crepuscular use of bioluminescence to attract mates or prey. Fireflies produce a "cold light", with no infrared or ultraviolet frequencies. This chemically produced light from the lower abdomen may be yellow, green, or pale-red, with wavelengths from 510 to 670 nanometers.

Eagle Feeding Tour

Eagle Feeding is one of the must-do activities in Kuala Selangor. Eagle Feeding will be your best magical experience in Kuala Selangor. Eagle Feeding is started with a boat trip from Pasir Penambang to the estuary of the Selangor River, you will able to see a lot of eagles is waiting the foods from your tour guides.You will be able to experience 20-40 eagles flying in sky and waiting the foods from your tour guides.

Blue Tears Tour

"Blue tears" are formed when clusters of marine algae, disturbed by the crashing waves, glow a bioluminescent blue. "Blue tears" are very susceptible to external light and can only be seen in pitch darkness.

“Blue tears,” a natural nighttime phenomenon caused by algae “Dinoflagellates,“ can be seen in Kuala Selangor where visitors get to catch a speedboat ride along the waters where the Selangor River meets the Straits of Malacca.

Fishing Village Kuala Selangor

Kuala Selangor Fishing Village is located along the Selangor River near to Pasir Penambang, the main economy based in Fishing Village Kuala Selangor is catching fish and harvesting seafood. You can walk around the fishing village to experience the live and culture of the fisherman in Kuala Selangor. You can buy the fresh seafood here and taste the fresh seafood of the seafood restaurant at Pasir Penambang.

Sri Shakti Devasthanam Temple Bukit Rotan

Sri Shakti Dhevasthanam Temple is located at Bukit Rotan, Ijok, Selangor. This temple is about 9.5 KM from Kuala Selangor town center, and about 6.6 km from the Persimpangan Ijok LATAR. Sri Shakti Dhevasthanam Temple in Bukit Rotan is being constructed strictly in accordance with the ancient scriptures such as the Vedas, Agamas and Sirpa (architectural) Sastras.

Sasaran Art Park

Sasaran Art Gallery / Sasaran Art Park (Balai Seni Sasaran) Kuala Selangor is located at Jalan Sasaran, Jeram, Kuala Selangor. This Art Gallery is managed by Sasaran Art Association. Sasaran Art Part is about 12 KM from the town center of Kuala Selangor. Driving time is about 13-15 minutes from Kuala Selagor to Sasaran Art Park.

Pantai Remis (Remis Beach) Kuala Selangor

Remis Beach (Pantai Remis) is located 20km of the southern of Kuala Selangor, near to Jeram. At Pantai Remis, you able to feel the windy beach, peaceful waves sound and beautiful sunset. We can enjoy of flying kate at this windy beach, fishing seawater fish along the beach. There have a lot seafood stalls located at the food court, majority of the seafood stall supplies Malay style seafoods, the most popular seafood at Remis Beach (Pantai Remis) Kuala Selangor is broiled fish.

Nearby Attraction - Sekinchan Paddy Field

Sekinchan is about 30 km from Kuala Selangor. Sekinchan is a little town in the middle of the main rice-bowl area of Selangor, in the Sabak Bernam district. It is one of the major rice producing areas of Malaysia. Sekinchan in Chinese mean "village suitable for plantation', the land and weather is suitable for farming of paddy, fruits and palm tree. It is the highest rice production per acre in Malaysia. Total farming land paddy and fruits is about 4,300 acres. You can see a wide green paddy field in your right when you arrive Sekinchan. It also popular as a fishing village.

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